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Update on COVID-19 - Last updated 10.11.2020

The SmartPods team is working hard to support both our customers and our employees. We continue deliveries in Italy and are doing everything necessary to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff. Our customer service is receiving a particularly high number of messages and calls, so please be patient in more in these difficult circumstances for everyone. Thanks so much for your understanding.



We test all devices, and therefore we can ensure that the entire process complies with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and local authorities. To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, we pay even more attention than usual and continue to clean and disinfect our devices before shipping them. According to studies, the possibility that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through packaging materials is very low, but we also disinfect the latter before shipping.



Our shipping partners continue to deliver SmartPods orders to our customers as normally as possible. There can be delays across the world. You can find more information below. Also, we currently ship in 1-4 business days due to the situation resulting from the restrictive measures.


Customer service

Our customer support continues to answer any questions, but please be patient as we are receiving a particularly high number of calls and texts.


SmartPods Team

As for our employees, we favor smart working, we apply all possible security measures and we respect the indications of the government.

We continue to monitor and comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities.

Thank you for your trust in us, we are doing our best to continue to provide you with the best possible service.

In addition to the recommendation to follow the advice of the experts, we want to express our solidarity and appreciation for all of you who are helping to fight the spread of the virus.

Everything will be fine ❤️